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Emily Ratakovsky performed a hot dance in a mini-top

Emily Ratakovsky is today one of the most famous supermodels in the world. The bright appearance and ideal parameters of the figure provided her not only multi-million dollar contracts with first-class designers but also the love of the audience. On Instagram, Emily’s follower count has already exceeded 25 million! Every day, just as many people around the world can watch the beauty’s personal life, which she does not hide from the eyes of strangers. However, like his own body, which regularly appears half-naked in Ratakovsky’s microblog, it turned out that a star can be surprised not only with its perfect press and lack of cellulite but also with other talents. For example, an incendiary dance, which the girl recently demonstrated by recording a funny video.

Naturally, the supermodel didn’t forget about the “pepper” either, because Emily decided to move to the camera in a crop top with a maximum neckline emphasizing the chest of the star. Users watched the simple movements to incendiary music performed by 28-year-old Ratakovsky almost 6 million times, and this despite the fact that the video itself lasts only 15 seconds! Obviously, the star knows how to attract the attention of viewers with his appearance alone. Moreover, it is not difficult to guess that Emily loves to shock the audience. That, for example, is only worth its recent appearance in a raincoat on a naked body or a spectacular combination of beach and office styles in one of the images that the celebrity demonstrated. Well, if beauty will save the world, then Ratakovsky must certainly be among the first volunteers!

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