Energy can be obtained from 5G. The antenna is already ready!

Energy can be obtained from 5G. The antenna is already ready!

Getting electricity out of thin air no longer seems like a utopia. A group of scientists from the Georgia Institute of Technology developed the idea and brought it to a technology that can be applied in practice. Under certain conditions, of course. The main such condition is the availability of 5G coverage. If it is present, then there are ways to extract energy from it.

As a matter of fact, such a technology is not an innovation in its pure form and has been known to physicists for a relatively long time. However, the large dimensions of the rectifier antennas made its practical application questionable. Researchers have managed to create a compact rectifier antenna, taking as a basis the so-called “Rothman lens”.

The small board, which is an innovative antenna, is 21 times more efficient than its earlier counterparts. It was 3D printed. It fits easily in the palm of your hand but is capable of providing power to low-power equipment. It is likely to find widespread use in the future. The main factor hindering its development is the weak spread of fifth-generation networks in the world.

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