EP called to investigate Navalny’s poisoning and to stop North Stream-2.

By | September 17, 2020
EP called to investigate Navalny's poisoning and to stop North Stream-2.

MEPs advocated for an immediate independent international investigation involving the EU, UN, Council of Europe, EU member states, and OPCW.
On Thursday, September 17, the European Parliament adopted a resolution on poisoning the Russian opposition activist Alexei Navalny, calling for an international investigation of the incident, to introduce tough sanctions against Russia and stop the construction of the North Stream-2, TASS reported.

Thus, the European Parliament calls on the immediate launch of an independent international investigation into Navalny’s poisoning with the involvement of EU, UN, Council of Europe, EU member-states, and also OPCW.

“The European Parliament insists that the EU adopted as soon as possible an extensive list of sanctions measures against Russia in the spirit of the “Magnitsky Act” and strengthened the existing sanctions. The European Parliament, in light of the Navalny case, once again called for a halt to the construction of Nord Stream-2,” the document says.

At the same time, the European Parliament’s resolutions are advisory in nature and not binding on EU institutions.

Earlier in Germany, it was stated that three independent laboratories – in Germany, France, and Sweden – confirmed the presence of the Novichok group in the samples of Navalny substance.

It should be reminded that Navalny was hospitalized unconscious from the plane in Russia on August 20. Later he was transported to Berlin, where they said that he was poisoned with the substance from the Novichok group.

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