Erdogan attacks Putin’s army in Syria

By | February 4, 2020

The Turkish army shelled Russian military positions in the northern Syrian province of Aleppo. This was reported by the sources of the North Press Agency, the agency said on Twitter.

According to them, a village in the Sharran area in the Kurdish border region of Afrin was hit, at which point Russian soldiers were allegedly there. According to the London-based Al-Araby, the targets of the shelling were the positions of the Kurdish SDF.

There is no official confirmation of this information from any of their parties. sent a request to the Russian Ministry of Defense.

On 3 February, the Syrian and Turkish military attacked each other’s positions. In Idlib province, for example, a group of Turkish soldiers came under Fire from Syrians, killing eight people, according to Ankara. In response, Turkey shelled Syrian army positions, declaring the neutralization of 76 government soldiers. In addition, according to unconfirmed reports, on February 1, four FSB special forces soldiers were killed in Syria, which, according to Novaya Gazeta, were sent to the country to provide security at the planned Syrian-Turkish high-level talks.

Against the background of these events, Turkey and Russia exchanged mutual accusations of non-compliance with agreements to resolve the conflict in Syria. According to sources belonging to the family of Dejan Kudryavtsev newspaper Vedomosti, the latest actions of the Turkish side can provoke a large-scale conflict.

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