Erdogan calls Russian S-400 missiles a pile of scrap metal

Erdogan calls Russian S-400 missiles a pile of scrap metal

Surely, many of us have heard and observed the process of selling S-300 missiles and negotiations on the S-400 of Russia and Turkey. Passions were heated to the point that even the Americans wanted to impose sanctions against Erdogan.

The fact is that Turkey is a member of NATO. Moreover, not just a member of the alliance, but one of the most powerful and numerous of its armies, if not the most numerous. But in recent years, five Turks have gradually abandoned American and European weapons in favor of Russian and Chinese models. The point is not only in price but more in the quality of weapons.

S-400 missiles are Russian rubbish
The Republican Party of this country is talking about this now in all of Turkey’s “own” media. This is an opposition bloc that has been charged with funds for such rhetoric. But is it really so? We will not talk about the characteristics of the S-400. Only two comments can be given. The Turkish Minister of Defense said that he was present at the tests of these missiles, and the best weapons of this class in the world were not found. US Deputy Secretary of Defense after familiarizing himself with the work of the S-400 said that America received a slap in the face of these missiles, and something will have to be answered. Who says it’s scrap?

The story of US aircraft. If anyone remembers, this is the story after which the share of American weapons in the plans for arming the Turkish army dropped from 50% to 30%. Turkey bought a batch of the latest American fighters (talking about the F-35), which turned out to be faulty. The operation specialists counted (as Zadornov said, get ready) more than 800 shortcomings. US engineers recognized about 400 of them and took the aircraft for revision. So tell me: will you continue to deal with such a supplier? The Americans advised Turkey not to worry, they say, if anything, we will protect you. But Erdogan asked if the United States would protect them if Turkey opposed their ally in the Middle East. The Americans remained silent and lost credibility there. Naturally, Turkey was referring to Kurds, Israel, and Saudi Arabia. In NATO, it is not customary to growl at one’s own, but for Turkey, there are no “friends” in Europe.

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Further, in response, the Turkish Ministry of Defense openly declared that it was necessary to protect itself from the United States and Israel. After that, the Americans even wanted to raise the issue of Turkey’s exclusion from NATO, which Erdogan would be very happy about. There are already many obligations that prohibit him from cracking down on the enemies of his country. Going out by ourselves is a huge economic loss, and if kicked out, this would be a great option for Turkey. They would immediately throw troops behind the Euphrates, expel the Kurds far and long from the borders, and take part in Syria under control. We do not think that Russia would be against it.

Turkey, as a member of NATO, wants to protect itself from NATO members. The situation is interesting.
In any case, the statement that S-400 missiles are scrap metal is nothing more than a political move by opponents of the current Turkish leader. The Minister of Defense has already commented on these statements in the spirit: the missiles will be delivered to us by Russia, and the Republican Party will work out the money of the State Department. States want Erdogan to leave and seek to reduce his authority. This is also clear to everyone.