Erdogan predicted the onset of a new era

Western countries were unprepared for the coronavirus pandemic, the world is on the verge of radical changes in the political and economic structure, Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said.
On March 11, the World Health Organization announced the outbreak of the new coronavirus COVID-19 as a pandemic. More than 200 thousand people in about 160 countries have already been infected in the world, more than 8 thousand people have died. “Western countries have left the victims of the epidemic to their fate and behave on the principle of” who can let him survive. “There, they did not take care of their citizens, basic public services were transferred to the private sector and now European countries have begun to nationalize them, “Erdogan said at a press conference in Ankara.
“We are entering a new era of fundamental changes in the global economic, political and social structure,” the Turkish leader added, recalling that earlier epidemics not only brought dire consequences but also led to serious political and economic transformations.

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