Erdogan "spat" to Russia

Erdogan “spat” to Russia

On the eve of the official visit to Ukraine, Turkish President R. Erdogan, figuratively speaking, “spat” to Russia. In my opinion, it’s still softly said.

Erdogan noted that he stands for the territorial integrity of Ukraine, considers the annexation of Crimea to Russia an “annexation” about this reported “Rambler”.
The Kremlin’s reaction to Peskov-Erdogan was referring to concerns about Crimean Tatars. But these excuses, and how else to name such attempts to change the interpretation? Erdogan’s statements about territorial integrity and the “annexation” of Ukraine-Russia are not associated at all. He would then have stated bluntly about his concern about the Crimean Tatars. The Kremlin’s attempt to smooth out Erdogan’s hard-hitting statement is puzzling.

Our budget is spent billions of dollars on gas pipes, invest in the economy of Turkey-building nuclear power plant Akkuyu, supply the latest air defense systems. All for the sake of ghostly geopolitical influence? Which crumbles to dust with one “spat” on the part of Turkey. Or are they eligible? Just like shooting our pilots in the back?

But I am interested in the question, is it disrespect to Russia as a whole, or to the Russian authorities? Poland demands reparation for W20. Estonia demands our land – the territory of the Pechora region of the Pskov region and Ivangorod with the surroundings. China has already gained some of its lands since 1991. Gorbachev, Yeltsin, and Putin had a hand in this. In 2004, Putin handed over 337 sq km of islands to China on Amur. “Annexation” of China continues, in rent for the cutting down of huge areas of our forest, I can make a mistake – about 2 million. Hectare.

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Since the days of the USSR, our people and the state have never been humiliated like this. People are humiliated both inside and out. Beggar’s pensions and salaries. The plundering of natural resources. Pension reform. Someone would try to be snoof of the USSR. But lately, they have started to talk less about the USSR and look back more often. With the exception of TV presenter Kiselyov, who remembers everything, and as it was in perestroika, forgetting to remind who created it in such a destructive way. I think if they had put not Putin as president, but a strong and experienced statesman, China would be behind. Could it have been? Could. Don’t brag about your commitments.

What is going on? Does disrespect manifest itself in the Russian people? Other countries see perfectly how they live in Russia, in a super-rich country. And who accumulates capital and how, when the population is poor and cities and villages are dying out. What is missing in our country for a decent life for all? Resources are, the territories are huge, the people are talented and even the money in the budget is not small. What else do you need? Maybe it’s not about the people.

Health and success to you.

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