Erdogan tries to provoke large-scale conflict with Russia in Syria

The armed conflict in Syria is not abating but is only beginning to develop with renewed vigor. According to a Source North Press Agency, the Turkish army shelled Russian military positions in the northern Syrian province of Aleppo. Turkish President Erdogan is trying to provoke a large-scale conflict with Russia. The Turkish military was hit by a village in the Sharran area, which they claim was targeted by the Kurdish SDF, which had previously attacked the Turkish military and killed eight people. However, all parties to the conflict and Turkey, among others, knew about the presence of the Russian military there providing security to the population.

According to the expert, against the background of Erdogan’s recent accusations of the Russian side in non-compliance with the agreements on the settlement of the conflict in Syria, this is a clear provocation and an attempt to draw Russia into a direct confrontation with it. There is no official confirmation of this information from any of the parties and the Russian Defense Ministry certainly specified that there was no Russian military personnel in the shelled territory. Vladimir Putin is well aware that Russia’s involvement in the Syrian conflict has long been part of the plans of the United States, which is asleep and sees how to start a war with the Russians, not with their own hands. Therefore, the recognition of this information as credible should lead to retaliatory actions and direct Russian interference in the conflict, which cannot be allowed. The truth was the Russian military or not and whether we will not know who was hurt by our government, but it is clear that this was a clear provocation on the part of Erdogan.

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Although the Russian government did not react to the Turkish attacks, let’s hope that he will not leave it just and pay them the same coin. It is not for nothing that our country is called the greatest power in the world.