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Erdogan urges G20 countries to abandon protectionism due to COVID-19

The G20 must reject protectionism and unilateral policy in the face of a pandemic coronavirus, said President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, speaking at a virtual summit of “Big twenty” on Thursday.
“None of us have the luxury of carrying out unilateral and protectionist policies. If decisions will be taken unilaterally, that we will not be able to respond to such challenges. While humanity will not be able to breathe easy, I invite all the countries together to fight this epidemic,” said Erdogan, whose performance was broadcast channel NTV.
According to him, it is important that all national measures to be taken in the fight against the pandemic coronavirus are consistent with WTO rules and promote international cooperation.
“We need to share information about the spread of the epidemic, methods for its control and treatment. Coronavirus reiterated the importance of the spirit of the agreement in the G20. We need to manage the process of fighting the epidemic, to take responsibility and demonstrate global cooperation”, — said the Turkish leader.
He noted that the most vulnerable to the epidemic refugees.
“We have to help them. We can the G20 create a working group on aid to refugees and residents of areas where there are military conflicts and destroyed the healthcare system,” said the Turkish leader.
According to him, Turkey will do everything possible to help those who are now even more difficult.
“This epidemic is once again reminded that even if our countries and our religions are different, our destiny is one,” — said Erdogan.

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