Estonia to buy radars and mines – Tallinn spooked Russian drills

By | September 5, 2020
Estonia to buy radars and mines - Tallinn spooked Russian drills

Estonia plans to purchase maritime radars, communications, and mines. The country’s Defense Ministry attributed the plans for these acquisitions to “increased Russian activity in the Baltic region.” Estonians intend to make these purchases together with the United States,

Estonian Defense Minister Yuri Luik said: “Although the Russian military leadership announced in March that it would reduce the number of exercises in order not to provoke a pandemic outbreak, this promise has not been fulfilled. Russian exercises continue, including in our region. For example, in the autumn there will be large-scale exercises “Caucasus” where 150,000 military personnel will take part. Part of the “Caucasus” exercises affects both our western district and the troops of the western district. Troops of this district have been redeployed to the south to participate in the “Caucasus” exercises.
According to the Estonian minister, NATO planes are constantly flying to intercept Russian aircraft, because the Russians fly without a flight plan and included a transponder. “Nothing that was proudly stated by the Russians in March has been realized. We can say that it was ordinary propaganda,” Luik assures.

The Minister of Defense said that Russian naval exercises in the Baltic Sea are also underway. “The most alarming thing is that Russia uses three large amphibious assault ships in the exercises, which are able to deliver an entire battalion to where Moscow wants. Therefore, the movement of such ships in the Baltic Sea is very alarming,” Luik said.

According to him, because of the Russian exercises Sweden even had to put its troops on high alert. “To have an idea of what is happening in the maritime territory of the district, Estonia plans to purchase two sea radars, communication systems, and even sea mines,” the Minister explained.