Estonian diplomats suspected of espionage in Belarus

Estonian diplomats suspected of espionage in Belarus

Estonian diplomats and special services can be involved in the illegal collection of information in Belarus. This was announced on Tuesday, April 6, by the Belarusian state channel ONT.

According to the TV channel, this was stated during testimony by one of the defendants in the case on disclosing an agent network in Belarus, Vyacheslav Sidorakin. According to ONT, he is a friend of the opposition leader and former operative Igor Makar, who left for Lithuania 16 years ago. It is noted that Makar previously tried through foreign special services to take abroad a KGB officer of Belarus with a secret archive, using a diplomatic car or forged foreign documents.

Sidorakin, in turn, explained that Makar wanted to help him leave the country with the assistance of the Estonian embassy. As the detainee said, he was supposed to come to the Estonian embassy, ​​where, without “unnecessary questions,” they would have issued documents for leaving for the funeral of his alleged relative.

Earlier, on March 9, the head of the KGB of Belarus, Ivan Tertel, said that terrorist attacks against objects of state agencies and individual officials had been suppressed in the republic. According to him, terrorist acts were planned in the country, including the threat of the death of a large number of people. Caches with a large number of explosives, weapons, and remote means for detonating various objects were found on the territory of the country.

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