EU countries closed their borders for optional trips

EU countries closed their borders for optional trips

The restrictions apply to representatives of third countries and apply them to all optional trips.
Most EU countries have temporarily closed to third-country nationals all optional trips to the member countries of the bloc to curb the spread of coronavirus. The only exception was Ireland. This was in Brussels at a briefing on Tuesday, March 24, according to a representative of the European Commission.

“All EU countries, with the exception of Ireland, have imposed restrictions on the optional travel of foreign nationals to their territory,” he said.

According to TASS, this measure applies equally to both countries that maintain a visa regime with the EU and countries that have agreements with the union on visa-free travel. At the moment, border closure has been introduced for a period of 30 days. An exception to these rules is diplomats, scientists, and doctors involved in countering coronavirus.

Most EU states also restricted the movement of their own citizens, forbidding them to cross the internal borders of the countries of the community, including inside Schengen, with the exception of inevitable trips.

Josep Borrell, EU High Representative for Foreign and Security Policy, said the European Council approved the European Commission’s proposals that entry into the EU should be limited to 30 days or longer to prevent the spread of the virus

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