EU criticizes Turkey for human rights violations

By | August 29, 2020
EU criticizes Turkey for human rights violations

The European Union reacted to the death of a prisoner after a hunger strike in a Turkish prison.
According to Interfax, a representative of the European Foreign Service (EBU) on August 29 said that the EU is “deeply saddened by the death of Ebru Timtik, a lawyer who starved 238 days after her conviction in 2019 for alleged involvement in a terrorist organization.”
The EBU official added that the Timtik case was the fourth in 2020 that prisoners died as a result of hunger strikes in Turkish prisons. According to the European officials, the “tragic outcome” of these attempts to achieve a fair trial shows that Turkey must immediately correct the human rights situation in the country, which has deteriorated markedly recently. In addition, the representative of the EBU pointed out the shortcomings in the Turkish judicial system.
Earlier, the European Union threatened Ankara with sanctions for the activities of the exploration of natural resources, which Turkey leads in the Eastern Mediterranean

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