EU didn’t expect Trump to ban travel to the U.S.

Diplomats were stunned by Donald Trump’s decision to ban entry to the US from the EU. They thought “something was going to happen, but not so radically.”
U.S. President Donald Trump’s decision to ban EU citizens from entering the United States has stunned European representatives. This was reported by CNN on Thursday, March 12.

The Belgian diplomat told the TV channel that it was only known that “something will happen with trips from Europe, but not so radically”.

“Several European ambassadors in Washington told CNN that they did not know that this would happen, despite having been in contact with the administration for the past few days,” the publication said.

In his turn, the President of the European Council Charles Michel wrote on Twitter that the European Council “today will assess the situation.”

“We need to avoid failure in the economy. Europe is taking all necessary measures to contain the spread of the COVID19 virus, limit the number of victims and support research,” Michel wrote.

Earlier, Trump banned entry from Europe to the United States for 30 days. The restrictions will take effect on March 13. The U.S. leader also announced tax breaks for citizens and businesses of the country affected by COVID-19.

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Trump later clarified the details of the ban. The restrictions apply only to the entry of foreigners into the country and do not affect trade, the American leader stressed.

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