EU has extended the ban on entry to citizens of other countries

EU has extended the ban on entry to citizens of other countries

The ban on entry into the European Union, valid until June 15, will be extended at least until July.
EU member states have decided to extend the restriction on the entry of third-country nationals after June 15. This was stated by European Commissioner Ilva Johansson following a meeting of EU interior ministers, European Truth reports on Friday, June 5.

“There was strong support among the ministers that it was first necessary to restore the functioning of the Schengen zone, and then move on to opening external borders,” Johansson said.

She noted that the European Commission recommended that the restrictions on crossing the external borders of the EU be completed on June 15, when the current ban expires, but almost all member states supported a short continuation of the closure of borders.

“This means that restrictions on external borders will remain until the end of June, and I believe that we should consider the issue of cancellation in early July,” the European Commissioner said, adding that the ban is expected to be extended for two weeks.

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As for the criteria for whom and how to open borders, in the coming days, consultations will continue between the European Commission and member countries on this issue. There will be no simultaneous opening for all countries.

She also noted that the full functioning of the Schengen area will be restored before the end of June.

It should be noted that, as before, certain categories of people from third countries, for example, seasonal workers, can get into the EU.