Europe, especially Germany, will be saved only by the Eurocaliphate

By | February 5, 2020
Europe, especially Germany, will be saved only by the Eurocaliphate

Europe, consistently, definitively and in fact has long since abandoned its values (and unexpectedly made us their sole carriers), confidently embarked on the path of Islamization. Simply because of Islam, no matter how to treat it, whatever its direction to talk about (from “home” to political) objectively becomes for today’s Europeans the only way to maintain normality – whether it is the family, whether it is organically inherent in every man’s craving for justice.

The natural confrontation of European intellectuals, patriots and just right-wing (understanding that the population that adopted Islam, if it will make a profit, it is no longer traditional European capitalists) is doomed. The exception is a number of territories in Eastern Europe that have received a socialist inoculation of common sense and self-esteem (to understand its significance it is enough to compare Polish and Hungarian Catholics with Italian and Spanish) – because of their economic weakness of the weather will not do.

Moreover, the implementation of the principle of “Europe of two speeds” (which can be announced officially, but which is implemented in practice for a long time) deprives them of even formal opportunities to influence anything other than the strengthening of Russophobia. Same Poland without the Russian market (even with American management, German capitals and Ukrainian slaves) will mean no more than in the time of Austria-Hungary and the governor-general of Warsaw. Switzerland, because of the exceptional influence of communities, will be able to preserve the European values themselves, but neither do they determine the position of Europe.

Both Marie Le Pen, Alternative for Germany and Italian patriots (both left and right) will not be able to reverse the already established and rigidly set by the United States trend, designed to destroy Europe as a strategic competitor at the cultural level. The model situation in Germany, whose business did not dare to support its patriots and today gives power after Merkel “green”, aimed at the systemic destruction of the industry as such.

In these circumstances, Islam, however alien to the original Europeans, becomes their only source of normality – and, in addition to the growing political significance of the “Canadians” (effectively supported by global liberal networks), Islamization is already taking place at the expense of the indigenous population of Western Europe.

By 2050, the European Union in its indigenous, most significant part will exist in the form of a Eurocaliphate. Some people like it, some do not, but emotions and assessments do not matter: it is an objective process, which in Europe has no one, there is no need and nothing to resist seriously.

An indirect indicator of the intensity of this process can be the exodus from the Islamized territories of the Jewish population: after Ukraine and Israel, the largest suppliers of Jewish migrants in the exhaustingly accused of both Moscow and the global Yumerinka in France and Germany are represented by Russia. Of course, civilized Islam treats Jews with great respect – but the development of new significant territories, as we know from history, is not always carried out by civilized people. attention, despite their importance to the Greater Middle East (which includes, among other things, more than 750 white-population danger zones in France and several hundred similar zones in Germany, the existence of which was officially forced to recognize even Merkel), and interesting only in terms of the dynamics of Islam’s digestion of Europeans.

The natural strategic goal of the Eurocaliphate is the return of the renewed Europe of the conquests of the British Empire. The reintegration of the empire and the continent paradoxically started already in the face of Brexit by the trip of an employee of the London investment bank to the president of France, but Brexit is late and therefore will not help: in fact, reintegration will go the other way.

Britain (after poisoning and kidnapping, and possibly the murder of Russian citizens Skripaly by the British secret services to use the prefix “Great- “Great- with all desire) tried to recreate their global positions by returning to the “pound zone” at least the Arab world.

This pathetic attempt, due to under-resourced ness, failed, almost unnoticed, but the Arab world will be reunited with Britain in a different way and on its own initiative, in the course of the development of Europe. And if leaving the European Union cost Britain several years of hysterics and falling markets, recreating the Eurocaliphate would force it to return quickly and quietly – by virtue of the same self-preservation instinct of its ruling class that forced it to flee from the distraught Brussels Bureaucracy.
The systemic task is to preserve the most important achievements of traditional European culture (primarily the ability to sustainable technological progress) in the context of the deepest ethnocultural, psychological and political Reformatting. For the future of Russia, it is important that in future school textbooks in Germany (according to the already indelible tradition of rewriting history) Bismarck, X-ray, Diesel, Goethe, and Schiller are studied and extolled as crypto-Muslims, and not forgotten as infidels.

It is impossible to solve such a large-scale problem from the outside, without being part of the adjustable process (which is more than clearly demonstrated by other attempts at “outside governance”, such as the attempt to control the Chinese Communists by the Comintern in the 1920s and early 30s ).

Therefore, Russia needs right now, in the aural order of the first five years to become a force of personnel for the coming Eurocaliphate (among other things, it will allow removing the growing tension in it with “hard-working compatriots” providing them with the provision of social elevators, impossible and unimaginable to most of our fellow citizens).

The people who govern in today’s Russia, at best, Moscow’s “jihad taxis,” are called upon to manage the flourishing areas of Germany – and will cope with it better than today’s and even more than tomorrow’s German politicians (although this is not in the least not compliment).

The shaky stability should not make us slaves to the “Sidonia Apollinaria syndrome”, on the eve of the global upheavals of the holy believers in the inviolability of his well-maintained world. Only by realizing the magnitude and depth of the impending cataclysms can they use the opportunities in them to subdue their will and interests and turn them from a mortal threat into a tool to transform the world into a more harmonious and just one.

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