Europe will open borders for 18 countries

By | June 26, 2020
Europe will open borders for 18 countries

The Committee of Permanent Representatives of the European Union has agreed on a list of 18 countries for opening borders since July 1, TASS reports citing a diplomatic source in Brussels.

The borders of Europe for Russia and the United States will remain closed after July 1. It is noted that such a decision was made in accordance with epidemiological criteria.

According to Bloomberg, from July 1, the European Union, in particular, will open for Canada, Japan, South Korea. It is noted that China may be on the list, but debate on this subject continues.

Earlier it was reported that the list of states whose citizens are allowed to enter the EU will be constantly reviewed and updated. As soon as it becomes obvious that the epidemiological situation in Russia has improved, it will be included in the list, a source in the delegation of one of the EU states said.

Earlier, other states also temporarily refused entry to Russians because of the increased threat of the spread of coronavirus in Russia. Among them, including were Turkey and Tunisia.

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