The European Commission responded to claims for the distribution of vaccines in the EU

The European Commission responded to claims for the distribution of vaccines in the EU

The European Commission (EC) agreed with the claims of some EU countries about the unfair distribution of coronavirus vaccines among the members of the association, RIA Novosti reports.
Earlier, the authorities of Bulgaria, Latvia, Slovenia, the Czech Republic and Austria sent a letter to the head of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen, and the President of the European Council Charles Michel, indicating the uneven distribution of drugs for vaccination against COVID-19. Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz drew attention to the fact that Malta will receive three times more doses of vaccines by the end of June than Bulgaria, given the population size.
The European Commission noted that the distribution of vaccine doses is carried out within a transparent process.
“The European Commission agrees with recent statements by several EU states that the most equitable solution for the allocation of vaccine doses is a proportional distribution based on the population of each state. This is the solution that the EC has proposed for all preliminary purchase agreements (vaccines – ed.) “, – said in the message distributed by the EC.

At the same time, the European Commission noted that the member states of the union themselves moved away from this idea. According to the established system, if the state decides not to select all vaccine doses according to the quota, they are distributed among the other interested EU countries.
According to the agency, the EU countries used this system to change the mechanism of proportional distribution of vaccines by population, proposed by the European Commission under all contracts for the supply of vaccines. Now, as concluded in the EC, EU members will have to come to an agreement on whether they want to return to this mechanism.

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