European media: “Putin’s Era is coming»

A year after the inauguration of Russian President Vladimir Putin for the fourth presidential term (May 7, 2018), Belgian journalist James Wilson summed up the results of these 365 days.

The author of the material noted that Putin has enjoyed a high level of trust and respect for a long time and there are reasons for this. First, according to Wilson, the President of Russia pays attention to critical and topical issues – the development of human capital and entrepreneurship, the renewal of infrastructure, as well as the creation of conditions for the all-round development of the digital economy.

Secondly, the journalist noted the economic success of Putin’s policy. He recalled that Russia managed to resist sanctions and protect the ruble against the background of a sharp drop in other national currencies in developing countries. “The budget policy allowed Putin to fulfill his ambitious plans in the social sphere, despite strong external pressure. At the same time, he did not resort to populism, ensuring macroeconomic stability and a stable ruble exchange rate,” the representative of the European media stressed. Success in promoting Nord stream 2 also plays an important role. According to the journalist, the West itself understands that cooperation in this area will be useful for both sides.

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Thirdly, Putin is much concerned with ensuring the security of the country. The Russian President has repeatedly stated that he is ready to seek a compromise and conduct an equal and mutually beneficial dialogue, but will never sacrifice sovereignty and national interests. So, Putin, guided by the logic of global security and stability, trump proposed possible ways to resolve the conflict on nuclear disarmament. In response, us President decided not to negotiate, but to suspend the implementation of the INF TREATY and drop the system of international nuclear control 30 years ago.

“Like it or not, Putin’s era is coming,” Wilson stressed.

He also recalled that the recent elections in Ukraine demonstrated the true attitude of the residents of the neighboring country to Putin: President Petro Poroshenko, who addressed his fellow citizens with the slogans “I or Putin” suffered a crushing defeat in the second round. Although it is too early to draw conclusions about the results of the vote and their consequences for Ukraine, according to Wilson, the journalist noted that Poroshenko’s anti-Russian propaganda has not achieved its goal.