Europol arrests 60 internet fraudsters

Colombia and 18 European countries took part in the international operation to find the intruders.
An international operation led by Austrian law enforcement agencies has led to the arrest of 60 people suspected of cheating in the virtual space. This was reported on Wednesday, October 30, at the European Police Agency (Europol), which supported the actions of the police.

“The operation was directed against criminal networks engaged in fraud, in particular conducting illegal operations on various platforms and using stolen credit card data to make purchases on the Internet,” the note noted in the Organization. Colombia and 18 European countries, including the United Kingdom, Germany, and France, participated.

According to Europol, the arrest of the suspects was made between September 23 and October 4. More than 6.5 thousand have been identified. fraud operations, searches were carried out in 40 houses and 60 people were arrested,” the organization stressed. According to preliminary information, the damage from the activities of the intruders amounted to at least 5 million euros.

Europol has previously carried out a major operation against sports doping. Suspects were detained and searched in 23 EU countries and 10 other countries outside the EU.

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