Even cadets are taught this” the Pilot-instructor on the items listed pilot error SSJ-100

Pilot, instructor of the first class Andrey Krasnoperov commented Tsargrad reports that at the moment the investigation is considering the basic version of the pilot errors in the crash of SSJ-100 May 5 in Sheremetyevo. According to him, even the cadets are taught that after the first rebound from the ground can not give the wheel away, so the pilots had to go to the second round.

“If you see a record of how the plane lands, you can see: there was the first rough touch, and the plane is separated from the ground by 10 meters. There are two options – or was a too rough landing, sprung the rack and threw the plane. The second – the pilot could use the joystick was direct control, because the automatic after a lightning strike off, so switched to direct control of the joystick. And the pilot could just not feel a little pull. But the plane is separated from the ground by 10 meters after the impact. A competent decision would be to give the turnover, to go to the second round, but the pilot gives the joystick away from himself and stops separating from the ground, transfers the horizon, and the plane is already without speed in fact,” the instructor explained.

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According to him, even cadets were taught in due time that it is impossible to give the handle after separation from itself.

“Detain her. The plane itself will lower where it should sit. And if you raised high – of course, as he flew 10 meters – it was necessary to go to the second round. Because it flew very high after the first touch. So it was a rough landing. Accordingly, the overload during landing, I think not less than three units. And then it’s a bummer and all”, – suggested the pilot.

According to Krasnoperov, after landing, the pilots had to cover the fuel supply of the engine and completely cut off the fuel supply.

“Close the stopcocks. To open the Windows, maybe, it was impractical, because some kind of thrust is created in the plane, after all, it is cylindrical in shape. Of course, there could be additional thrust from the open side door, in which there is an evacuation, and in the cockpit. But this is not a gross mistake,” the expert believes.

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According to the expert, in the flight instructions, it is written that in the case of an emergency landing in any way should block access to the fuel engines and cover the power.

“But they did it, the fuel has already gone from the wings, caught fire, there is already grief cannot help, though close, though not close. It would help if you turned on the fire. That is, at the moment when it caught fire, it would be possible to include more fire fighting. But it’s only a split second. Now, we on the earth reason that we would do that, that. And in such a stressful situation… He didn’t expect to break the bar. I thought I was now rougher, maybe hard to get in and all. But it did not work,” Krasnoperov said.

The pilots of the burned airliner may have acted illiterate, but unintentionally, being in a stressful situation, the expert admits. “Another person in such a situation, maybe, would act even worse. So I can’t say that they did everything badly,” the pilot concluded.