“Exclude Hungary from the EU”: Orban Gets Absolute Power

The Hungarian Parliament approved the extension of the powers of the government of Viktor Orban for an indefinite period to fight the pandemic

The Hungarian Parliament approved the extension of the powers of the government of Viktor Orban for an indefinite period to fight the pandemic. Hungary is not the first time has drawn criticism in the European Union in Brussels said the threat of democracy in the country. The opposition demands to determine the time limitations of the extended powers of the Cabinet of Ministers.The Hungarian Parliament on 30 March supported the extension of the powers of the government of Prime Minister Victor Orban for an indefinite period in connection with the pandemic coronavirus. This will allow the authorities to extend the March 11, declared a state of emergency without the consent of the National Assembly.

The initiative was supported by 137 MPs, 53 voted against and nine people did not vote. The majority of seats in Parliament belongs to the ruling conservative party FIDESZ. President of Hungary Janos Ader, an ally of Orban, has approved the bill.

Now the country can not be held early elections, and the authorities have the right to suspend certain laws. In addition, those spreading false information about the pandemic will face criminal penalties. Empowerment can only be terminated by two-thirds in Parliament and signed by the President.

This decision has caused condemnation both within the country and in the EU. The bill on the indefinite extension of the powers criticized the Council of Europe, the UN, and the European Parliament.

The fact that the Executive authority of Hungary has granted virtually unlimited powers.

“Opposition parties demand only one thing — the government should set limits on the validity of this law in 90 days”, — stated the co-Chairman of the party “Dialogue for Hungary” Timea Szabo.

Active criticism of Orban in the European Parliament. So, the faction leader of “Upgrading Europe” Dacian Ciolos said on Twitter that the actions of Budapest threaten democracy not only in Hungary but in Europe.

“The fight against COVID19 should not mean the end of democracy”, — the politician wrote.

Party “Socialists and Democrats” urged the European Commission to take steps against the Orban government: “Undercover COVID-19 Prime Minister Orban dismantles democracy in our eyes. Whether the indefinite extension of the powers or restrictions on freedom of the media balanced the answer?”

The European Commission has said that the current study in Hungary the situation. Of course, the actions of the Orban effect on his already poor relations with the EU.

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“After what you did today Orban, the European Union must act and force it to change its policy. Or just exclude Hungary from the Union”, — reported in Twitter, a former Prime Minister of Italy Matteo Renzi.

Currently, the EU is a case against Hungary. Brussels 2018 accuses Budapest of violating European values, principles of democracy and human rights. In accordance with article 7th of the Treaty on the European Union against Hungary can be sanctioned up to the deprivation of her voice in the EU Council. Brussels has launched a penalty procedure against Budapest.

The relations between the EU and Hungary arise from time to time new reasons for escalation. For example, the last time the indignation of the Europeans was adopted on 10 December 2019 the bill according to which the speaker of Parliament has the right to penalize members for a protest in the Parliament building. The opposition believes that in this way the parliamentary majority of the party of Orban, Fidesz intends to give the words opponents of the current authorities.

In addition, the Prime Minister has long been accused of attack on academic freedom and increasing control over the media. According to the EU, currently, 400 different media are in the hands of agencies connected with the government.

Another concern is the reforms in Hungary, which made the judiciary dependent.

Budapest is confident that the irritation of the European Union based on the failure of Hungary to accept migrants. The country is actively opposed to the EU system for the distribution of refugees, which gives Brussels the right to resettle migrants according to States of the unit without the consent of local governments.

Now, on the background of the pandemic Budapest again found a reason for irritation of the EU. The official representative of the Hungarian government, zoltán kovács, Twitter wrote that statement about the seizure of power in the country has no basis.

“Such insinuations are not only wrong but defamatory and hampering the government’s efforts to slow the spread of the coronavirus,” stated he.