Expert: Biden will not go to a direct conversation with Putin

Expert: Biden will not go to a direct conversation with Putin

US President Joe Biden is likely to reject the open live conversation offered to him by Vladimir Putin since Americans prefer to impose their own conditions on others, rather than follow others.

This opinion was expressed in a conversation with TASS on March 18 by Dmitry Suslov, Deputy Director of the Center for Comprehensive European and International Studies at the Higher School of Economics, an expert at the Valdai International Discussion Club.

“Biden’s refusal to debate with Putin is inevitable because he simply will not agree to Putin’s conditions, because by doing so he will kind of bow before the Russian leader. The United States is used to set conditions for everyone, but here it is proposed to agree to the conditions of Putin, whom Biden had just insulted, and accept his challenge. In fact, arrange this presidential debate live, ”said Suslov.
The analyst drew attention to the fact that the almost inevitable refusal of the American president from the conversation would mean his defeat and show that “he simply has nothing to say.” And Russia in this way will show itself as a great power that does not shy away from dialogue, feeling its responsibility for global stability, which largely depends on the interaction between Moscow and Washington.

“And since Putin suggested a conversation and Biden would refuse it, the conclusion suggests itself that the truth, in this case, is with Russia, and not with the United States. Putin made such a win-win step, putting Biden in an extremely disadvantageous position, ”the expert continued.
As stated by the analyst, the American president will not participate in the debate also because he understands that he has nothing to outplay the Russian leader.

“Putin made it clear that he is ready to talk at any moment, that he is familiar with the topics of both Russia-US bilateral relations and international security. Biden is obviously not ready for this debate. And even if we hypothetically assume that such debates will take place, Biden will definitely emerge from them as a loser, ”Suslov said.
The interlocutor of the agency expressed the opinion that from now on the Russian-American dialogue will be minimized and the parties will resort to direct contacts only when it is absolutely necessary.

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“Russia will no longer show initiative in seeking positive cooperation with the United States in a bilateral format if this is not necessary from the point of view of Russian interests. The paradigm of finding a positive agenda is over. And it has ended finally with the United States today. There will be a further minimization of two-way communication and its drying up to absolutely necessary aspects, ”Dmitry Suslov believes.
In the current conditions, it is not necessary to expect that a full-format bilateral Russia-US summit will take place during the Biden presidency, he concluded.

Biden said in an interview with ABC on March 17 that the Russian leadership would have to “pay the price” for Moscow-attributed attempts to interfere in the American elections. In addition, the head of the White House answered in the affirmative when asked whether he considers Putin a “killer”.