Expert on U.S. fear of Iran’s S-400 purchases

By | August 17, 2020
Expert on U.S. fear of Iran's S-400 purchases

Fighter-bombers of the fifth generation of the U.S. armed forces F-35 against the S-400 surface-to-air missile systems, “how to paw against the boot” because the American fighter has nothing to oppose the domestic missile defense system.
This opinion was expressed by military expert Viktor Litovkin in an interview with FAN.
Earlier, analysts Bradley Bowman and Shane Preiswater of the Foundation for the defense of democracy in their publication for Breaking Defense said that the lifting of the international embargo on Iran’s purchase of offensive weapons could lead to Tehran starting to purchase air defense (air defense) equipment from Russia and China.
If the arms embargo is lifted, Russia may take the opportunity to sell S-400s to Iran, as well as fighter jets and other weapons. Given the impending dangers, the Pentagon and the Middle East allies of the United States are preparing for anything,” writes Breaking Defense. Commenting on the article, military analyst, retired colonel Viktor Litovkin recalled that de facto no one prohibited Iran from buying from Russia anti-aircraft missile systems S-300 and S-400.
“If Tehran has already bought the S-300 from Moscow, but it can buy the S-400, the only problem is that the S-400 is in line for many countries of the world: China bought, Turkey sold, now India, then, as far as I know, Egypt and Algeria, and then Iran. So this isn’t a one-year affair. As for other types of weapons, namely tanks, artillery systems, volley-fire systems, the lifting of the embargo from Iran allows it to buy such systems. Therefore, the stories that Tehran was able to buy S-400 is an attempt to take aside the opinion of the international community about the embargo,” Viktor Litovkin explained in an interview with the newspaper.

He considers the use of American fighter jets against domestic missile defense systems impractical.
The F-35 vs. S-400 is like a paw against a boot. The Russian anti-aircraft missile system detects and operates on the American fighter of the fifth generation so that the Americans are not for nothing criticized by the Turks for the purchase of S-400,” the military analyst concluded.