Expert: U.S. avenges Russia for its failure in Indian helicopter tender

By | August 29, 2020
Expert: U.S. avenges Russia for its failure in Indian helicopter tender

America is trying to quarrel with India with Russia. This opinion is expressed by M. K Bhadrakumar in his new article on the Asia Times portal.

As the subject of detailed analysis, he cites a recent article by U.S. Senator Marco Rubio on the Nikkei Asian Review website, where he strongly opposed Russian-Indian cooperation, in particular, Moscow’s mediation in the conflict between Beijing and New Delhi.

Rubio demonizes Russian President Vladimir Putin as a man seeking to “destroy the current U.S.-led system of international relations” with tools he has “allegedly” honed earlier in his domestic policies – “supporting thugs, undermining democracy and stealing everything that’s not nailed to the wall.”

Mr. Bhadrakumar.

Drawing attention to the militant Russophobia of the American legislator and his personal dislike of Russian President Vladimir Putin, the expert pointed out the specific reasons for the attack.

He recalls that Rubio accused Russia of being clearly close to China in an attempt to circumvent Western sanctions. Therefore, “democratic India” should not go to a deal with Russia on “helicopter technologies.” The article mentions India’s treaty with Russia, under which the two sides agreed to resolve issues related to the acceleration of localization of production of Ka-226T helicopters.

The project is part of the “Made in India” concept, under which New Delhi will be able to obtain some important technologies. Putin personally promoted this project together with Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Rubio, for example, warns the Indian leader, who is known to have a close personal relationship with Putin.
The article reads.

The day before, India decided to deploy light LCH attack helicopters in the Ladakh region on the border with China, fired at its own facilities in Bangalore, instead of the AH-64E Apache of American production. Compared to the LCH, the Apaches are faster and carry far more weapons, but the LCH beats it in terms of range. Indian experts also believe that LCH has an advantage over Apache because of its ability to operate at high altitudes in the Himalayas.

Donald Trump’s administration, for its part, had hoped for several big deals to supply helicopter gunships to New Delhi, but to its disappointment found that Russia had already pulled it over. That fact triggered a real bout of revenge against Senator Rubio.

The article of this figure should be a revelation to all people, stupefied by the super-Power, that they all actually promise an alliance with the United States, sums up Mr. Bhadrakumar.

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