Experts have identified the strongest cyberstate

By | August 29, 2020
Experts have identified the strongest cyberstate

Its hackers take an aggressive approach to cyber operations, which are different from other countries.
Cybersecurity experts at IntSights have called China the strongest cyber state in the world. This is stated in the company’s report published on its website. China took the reins of power as an outstanding global cyber force, capable of attacking and destroying its economic and military adversaries while dominating the weaker countries it seeks to control,” the report says.
It is noted that Chinese hackers use an aggressive approach to the implementation of cyber operations, how different from the United States, Russia, and Israel. But it is likely that this is what has made China the most powerful in the cybersphere.

“Specialists noted sharp differences in the tactics, methods, and behavior of Chinese state-sponsored cybergroups, as well as military and political groups over the past few years,” IntSights reported.

Thus, through cyberattacks, Beijing continues to gain access to political secrets and steal intellectual property, which is why the U.S. considers China the main cyberthreat.

The U.S. Department of Justice reportedly accused two Chinese hackers of hacking into the computer systems of the developers of the coronavirus vaccine commissioned by the Ministry of State Security of China