Experts: the anticoronavirus that was "discovered" in Russia is very dangerous

Experts: the anticoronavirus that was “discovered” in Russia is very dangerous

A miracle cure, which was widely advertised yesterday by the Russian media, is actually not only long known to world medicine but can be very life-threatening

I marvel at the behavior of journalists in critical situations like the current one. For example, yesterday with the lightning mark RIA Novosti reported that Russian doctors allegedly found a cure for coronavirus. It sounded like this: “The Federal Biomedical Agency (FMBA) introduced a for the treatment of coronavirus infection, which is based on the antimalarial mefloquine. The new development is proposed to be included in the guidelines of the Ministry of Health for the treatment of coronavirus. The press service of the FMBA notes that the research and development center “Farmzashchita” has developed a treatment regimen taking into account Chinese and French experience … ”
In fact, no Russian doctors found any miraculous medicine. We are talking about the long-known antimalarial hydroxychloroquine, which, incidentally, New York State hospitals began testing at the beginning of last week on patients infected with coronavirus, as reported by the state governor Andrew Cuomo.
And most importantly: this, which has not passed clinical trials in patients, can be deadly!
Here is how the expert of the First Medicinal Canal Alexei Yakovlev commented on this “news”:
“I wonder what kind of innovative domestic antimalarial Meflohim is that is suitable, according to Skvortsova, for treating a new coronavirus infection? I ripped the news feed straight … Suspiciously in tune with the name with the good old American mefloquine (“Lariam”), still used in places for the prevention of malaria in the outbreaks. Or again, the journalists misinterpreted both the letters and the meaning.

The French have already introduced hydroxychloroquine into their treatment protocols, which even Trump advertised (after which the disappeared in all Russian pharmacies). Sanofi will now clearly stop delivering this to Russia, so, it seems, our officials from the Ministry of Health have found a replacement for what they can do. But where are the results of clinical trials of the new brainchild of FMBA, at least in small samples? We are waiting for clarification.
Update: An explanation has appeared on the website of the FMBA itself. As I suspected, no domestic innovations in the field of effective pharmacochemistry have happened again (we won’t wait since the creation of the USSR). It’s really about the American Nefloha. The FMBA allegedly developed a treatment regimen for COVID-19 with this, taking into account “Chinese and French experience.” I note right away that neither the Chinese nor the French use neurotoxic mefloquine for these purposes … ”
But about how dangerous such “sensations” can be, writes political analyst Alexei Makarkin:
“People tend to hope for a miracle. Now the hope in the fight against coronavirus is associated with hydroxychloroquine, a well-known antimalarial, the effectiveness of which is proved by the French virologist Didier Raul, who runs the scientific institute in Marseille. His team at one time studied the causes of plague epidemics in Europe – from the emperor Justinian to the XVIII century. Professor Raul is a bright and politically incorrect person, he criticizes Darwin’s theory (though not from a creationist perspective – for this he is still a serious scientist) and the concept of global warming.
Raul’s current study looks encouraging, although many experts criticize him. Opponents pay attention to the fact that they are achieved in the treatment of a small group of patients. There are side effects of the
But Donald Trump, who publicly approved the use of this medicine in the United States to combat coronavirus, believed in Professor Raul and he promoted. Trump needs to save the American economy and his second-term prospects – and if Professor Raul works a miracle, Trump will be the hero. The American medical authorities – as well as the French – have so far allowed only extended clinical trials. The will be given to seriously ill patients, but for those who have good chances to recover without it, so far no. But the concept of “extended trials” in the current critical situation means an attempt to help a considerable number of people. Bayer has shipped 3 million tablets of chloroquine phosphate free of charge. Novartis, Mylan, and Teva are preparing to supply millions of tablets of hydroxychloroquine.
Will this help be effective, we will find out in just a few days. In the meantime, an elderly resident of Arizona, after listening to Trump’s recommendation, drank chloroquine phosphate, which is part of an aquarium cleaner, and soon died. He did not suffer from coronavirus – the person was killed not by a virus, but by an overdose of a that he did not need … “

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