Facebook and Google may become Gazprom’s customers For more information:

By | September 24, 2020
Facebook and Google may become Gazprom's customers For more information:

By launching the Amur Gas Processing Plant Gazprom will become one of the leading players in the global helium market. Large volumes of helium are used by technological giants. Experts estimate that commissioning of Russian facilities will put an end to helium shortages and may even lead to helium oversupply.

“When the Amursky GPP reaches full capacity, Gazprom will become one of the leading players in the international helium market. The Company will increase its helium production 13fold. This is about one-third of the current global demand. It is important that this path will be taken by Gazprom in close cooperation with the domestic industry. Cooperation with KAMAZ is a vivid example of this,” said Alexey Miller, Head of Gazprom at the presentation of the helium production and marketing project within the Eastern Gas Program.
The Gas Processing Facility is being constructed to process gas supplied to China via the Siberian Power. Its availability level is 66 percent. Helium will be one of the components that will be emitted and liquefied.

“From the Amursky Gas Processing Plant, commercial helium in containers that keep the temperature at -269°C will be delivered to the logistics service center for isothermal containers near Vladivostok and further exported through the ports of the Primorsky Krai. Transportation of containers between the plant, hub, and ports will be provided by Russian mainline tractors KAMAZ-5490 Neo, working on liquefied natural gas (LNG) – an environmentally friendly motor fuel,” – said in a report of “Gazprom”. The Company has noticed that the world demand for helium is growing, primarily in the countries of the Asia-Pacific region: “In terms of helium production – 60 million cubic meters per year – Amursky GPP will become the world leader”.