Facebook and Twitter delete Bolsonaro supporters’ pages

By | July 25, 2020
Facebook and Twitter delete Bolsonaro supporters' pages

The Brazilian court had previously ruled that the accounts should be deleted. These include 16 Facebook pages and 12 Twitter pages as part of an investigation into the spread of misinformation.
The pages of supporters of president Jair Bolsonaru were removed from Facebook and Twitter by the Ruling of the Supreme Court of Brazil. This is reported by Reuters on Saturday, July 25.

Specifically, the court ordered the removal of 16 Facebook accounts and 12 Twitter accounts as part of an investigation into the possible spread of misinformation by Bolsonar’s supporters. Such a court order should prevent the use of accounts as a means of carrying out possible criminal conduct.

The agency writes that among the owners of deleted accounts are Roberto Jefferson, a former congressman and president of the conservative PTB party, as well as businessmen Luciano Hang, Edgar Corona, and Oscar Fahouri and activist Sarah Giromini, commonly known as Sarah Winter.

Facebook states that it “respects the judicial system and complies with applicable legal regulations.” And Twitter says: “Twitter acted strictly in accordance with the legal norms associated with the Supreme Court investigation.”

In turn, the PTB said that the court’s decision prevents Roberto Jefferson from realizing his “right to freedom of speech and opinions on social networks.” Activist Winter said she would complain to “international human rights organizations for serious violation of freedom of speech.”

Earlier, the President of Brazil confirmed the coronavirus. Bolsonaro had previously performed a magnetic resonance imaging scan, which did not reveal his lung problems.

It was also reported that journalists are suing the President of Brazil because of the risk of contracting COVID. The head of the state announced his positive test for coronavirus in person with journalists, exposing them to the threat of infection.