Facebook employees protest against the company’s policy

Employees of the company are dissatisfied with the fact that politicians were allowed to publish any, even false reports.
Hundreds of Facebook employees have sent a letter to the company’s chief executive, Mark Zuckerberg, denouncing Facebook’s decision to allow politicians to post any statements – even false ones. The text of the letter was published by The New York Times on Monday, October 28.

“Facebook is a place where we can discuss and share different opinions and express our views – that’s what makes our application and technology mean to people around the world,” the signatories of the appeal said.

They state that they are concerned about the “possible cancellation of the great successes” that have been made by the staff over the past two years.

“We work here because we care because we know that even our smallest choices affect communities on an amazing scale,” Facebook employees wrote.

They also noted that misinformation affected everyone.

“Our current policy of vetting political posts is a threat to what the FB stands for. We strongly object to this policy as it stands,” the letter reads.

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According to employees, innovation does not protect voices and allows politicians to use the platform, focusing on people who believe that the content published by politicians is trustworthy.

The Zuckerberg named the countries that are trying to influence the U.S. election

Earlier it was reported that Facebook began testing the Us news tab. There will be media news taking into account the interests of the user and the place of residence, the company said.