Facebook explained the removal of Kadyrov’s account on Instagram

Facebook explained the removal of Kadyrov’s account on Instagram

A new package of measures stimulating the US economy, worth more than $ 3 trillion, will be submitted to Congress. Representatives of the Democratic Party proposed an appropriate plan to combat the consequences of the coronavirus epidemic, Fox News reports citing Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi. The project provides for additional funding of about $ 1 trillion to federal and regional state governments. It is also proposed that civilians pay $ 1,200 per person, with a maximum amount of $ 6,000 per family
At the same time, Republicans in the Senate previously refused to support the new package, and their leader Mitch McConnell criticized the Democrats’ plan to support the economy, saying that it was necessary to adopt a “narrowly targeted” bill.

It is noted that voting on this proposal of the Democratic Party has already been planned and will take place on May 15.

On April 22, it became known that more than 40% of Americans lost their jobs or faced wage cuts due to the economic crisis amid the coronavirus pandemic. In turn, analysts predicted that the US GDP in the second quarter of 2020 will fall by 25% in annual terms, which will be the worst recession in the country’s history.

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