Fearing Greek Rafales, Turks wanted to buy Su-35 from Russia

By | August 30, 2020
Fearing Greek Rafales, Turks wanted to buy Su-35 from Russia

After Athens began negotiations with Paris on the acquisition of Rafale fighter jets for the Greek Air Force, Ankara decided to urgently acquire the Russian multi-purpose Su-35 generation “4”, writes the Greek edition pentapostagma.

The Greek talks were the last straw, overflowing the patience of the Turks, who had previously been nervous about the presence in the Eastern Mediterranean of French Air Force aircraft and the strengthening of Egypt’s aviation. And the Turks turned to Moscow for help.

Now turkey’s ambitious leadership is trying to change the status quo in the Eastern Mediterranean, which was formed after World War II. The Turks want to annex oil and gas fields. However, Ankara is unlikely to succeed, as the major world powers agree to change the conventional borders only as a result of wars.

In this regard, the statement of the Turkish Foreign Ministry’s adviser, Professor Bahceshehir University, expert Abdullah Agar, deserves attention. He believes that after the purchase of the S-400 by Turkey, there is a high probability that Ankara will take the next step and acquire from Moscow Su-35, even from the number available to the Russian Air Force. The Turks have no more interest in the fifth-generation F-35. This is because Turkey simply will not be able to use them because of the US restrictions imposed on them. Washington will not allow Ankara to use F-35s against NATO allies.

Agar stressed that Turkish President Recep Erdogan has virtually no choice. But despite the differences, Ankara is not going to withdraw from NATO. And if the Turks buy not only the Su-35 but even the Su-57, it will not have a dramatic impact on relations with the United States. And the Americans already know that the Turks are going to buy 40 pieces of Su-35.

At the same time, Russian expert Alexander Sitnikov has no doubt that the Su-35 is needed by Ankara for the “gas war” with Greece and Egypt. At the same time, the presence of such a number of Su-35 will not make them dominant in the Turkish Air Force, which is armed with 240 F-16s.

He is sure that Turkey is facing an economic catastrophe, so the authorities want to avoid this at the expense of other countries, taking away their deposits with raw materials. In addition, Erdogan is pushed by Turkish nationalists who dream of a “great empire.” As a result, Erdogan’s aggressive rhetoric is already causing outright irritation, and sometimes anger, in half of the planet.