Fifth suspect arrested in 39-year-39 case in Britain

A northern Irish man was detained by law enforcement at the port of Dublin. He came from France.
Police in Northern Ireland has detained a fifth suspect who may be involved in the deaths of 39 people whose bodies were found this week in a lorry in Essex. This was reported by Sky News on Saturday, October 26.

A 20-year-old man from Northern Ireland is said to have been detained at the port of Dublin and has arrived from France.

“He was arrested on an unrelated matter, but Essex Police are known to be interested in the man as part of the investigation into the murder of eight women and 31 men,” the statement said.

Earlier, three other people were also arrested in the case: a 38-year-old man and a woman from Warrington and a 48-year-old man from Northern Ireland. All are suspected of trafficking and manslaughter and are in custody. The 25-year-old truck driver, Maurice Robinson, has been charged with 39 counts of involuntary manslaughter, human trafficking, facilitating illegal immigration and money laundering.

Recall, this week British police found a truck with 39 bodies in Essex. The truck was originally supposed to be from Bulgaria and entered the UK last Saturday. Most likely, people died of hypothermia. The truck had sub-zero temperatures.

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A GPS report later revealed that the car was in French refugee camps in Dunkirk and Calais before heading to Belgium. The trailer was last recorded in Europe in the Belgian port city of Zeebrugge on 22 October, before traveling to the British City of Purfleet.