Final vote on Trump's impeachment to be held today

Final vote on Trump’s impeachment to be held today

Members of the U.S. Senate today intend to put an end to the question of possible removal of Trump from office.
The U.S. Senate on Wednesday, February 5, will hold a final vote on the articles of impeachment of U.S. President Donald Trump, Interfax-Ukraine reports.

It is noted that two-thirds of senators are needed to remove the president from office. Since the majority in the U.S. Senate is currently held by Republicans, impeachment proceedings are likely to be blocked at this stage.

In this way, the senators will put an end to this. According to U.S. media, the vote is scheduled for 4 p.m. local time.

Recall, the trial in the Upper House of Congress of the U.S. as part of the impeachment procedure for Trump began on January 21 this year.

It focuses on two counts previously approved in a House vote – abuse of power and obstruction of office investigation by Congress.

Trump’s team and the Democratic impeachment managers opposed to it had three days to make their arguments in the trial. The senators could then speak for 16 hours and ask their questions on the case as well.

At the time, data from Bolton’s book was leaked to the press, alleging that Trump was withholding military aid to Ukraine while awaiting an investigation into Joe Biden. But Democrats failed to get enough votes to call Bolton as a witness.

Forty-nine senators voted for the call of witnesses, and 51 against.

Democrats initiated impeachment proceedings against the president on September 24, 2019, after an American whistleblower expressed concern about Trump’s phone conversation with Ukrainian President Vladimir Selensky, who had July 25. During the conversation, Trump called on Zelinsky to launch an investigation into former U.S. Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter, as well as alleged interference in the 2016 U.S. election from Ukraine.

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