Five Italian soldiers injured in Iraq blast

Five Italian soldiers injured in Iraq blast

The wounded were in serious condition after the explosion. They are part of a SWAT team returning from a mission against ISIS.
Five Italian soldiers have been injured when a bomb exploded in the path of their vehicle in northern Iraq. This is reported by the Associated Press on Monday, November 11.

The Italian Defense Ministry said the three wounded were in “serious condition” after the explosion. Rear Admiral Fabio Agostini said the five soldiers were part of a swat team that was returning from a mission to find the shelters of Islamic State terrorists.

Agostini said Iraqi soldiers were also wounded in the blast but did not say how many were injured. According to official information, the bomb exploded next to the car as they were driving near the city of Kirkuk.

The wounded were evacuated by U.S. military helicopters to a hospital in Baghdad. There are currently more than 800 troops and about 80 special forces in Iraq.

At least 100 people were killed by security forces during the crackdown on protesters in Iraq in early October. Internet access was restricted in much of Iraq and a 24-hour curfew was imposed in Baghdad.

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Later it became known that the number of victims during the protests in Iraq exceeded 300 people. The victims of the ongoing protests include both the protesters themselves and members of the security forces.