Floyd’s daughter received Disney shares

Floyd's daughter received Disney shares

The daughter of the deceased in the United States at the hands of African-American policemen George Floyd Gianna received shares of Disney Studios from American singer and actress Barbara Streisand. The corresponding photo was posted on Floyd’s Instagram account.
Six-year-old Gianna published a picture in which she holds her certificate for the stock of the studio. “Thanks to Barbra Streisand for the package, I am now a Disney shareholder thanks you,” she wrote.

In addition to shares, the singer also presented the girl with two of her albums My Name Is Barbra and Color Me, Barbra.
Earlier, American rapper Kanye West donated money to the Floyd family. In addition, West created a fund to cover college expenses for six-year-old Gianna.
On May 25, Floyd was arrested near a grocery store. The police laid him on the asphalt, one of them pressed the detainee with his knee on his neck. Shortly after his arrest, the man died. After his death, dozens of US cities seized protests. In some cases, the protests were accompanied by riots, clashes with the police, robberies, looting, and pogroms.

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