Following marijuana in Georgia demanded to legalize prostitution

The leader of the Georgian party “Garci” Zurab Japaridze urged to legalize prostitution in the country. At the same time, the movement opened a brothel in its office, Georgia Online reports.

Earlier party “Garci” achieved decriminalization in the country of marijuana use. The very name of the party is translated from Georgian as “Lump”.

In addition, the party requires the legalization of light drugs in the country and regularly carries out actions against conscription.

Commenting on the initiative to legalize prostitution, MP David Matikashvili, a member of the parliamentary majority, said that this requirement does not comply with the Constitution of Georgia. According to him, the Constitution protects family values.

“In my opinion, the formulation of this issue is unconstitutional, and there was no discussion of this issue,” Saakashvili stressed.

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