Following Russia or its own way: why the U.S. is fanning gun hysteria

By | August 5, 2020
Following Russia or its own way: why the U.S. is fanning gun hysteria

Western and, above all, American media are vigorously discussing the possibilities of the latest Russian weapons. And scare the public by the fact that it is impossible to protect from it. Behind these panics are often just a lot of money.

Not so long ago, the United States equipped one of its fighter jets with a launcher for hypersonic weapons. This immediately became the subject of discussion in the media and speculation that Washington had followed in the footsteps of Russia, which had done so earlier. That is, engaged in banal copying.
The upgraded supersonic MiG-31 and the Tou-22M3 bomber are known to be capable of launching high-range and super-fast Dagger missiles. Further, journalists complain that the American defense systems are not able to shoot them down. And they talk about the fact that the U.S. is trying to catch up with the Russian Federation with its ship-based missile “Circon” and hypersonic planning combat unit “Avangard” to repeat its experience. The United States has been testing similar weapons for the second time in a year. And time-tested aircraft are being converted into new tasks.

There’s a threat. The U.S. accuses Russia of anti-satellite tests in space
In fact, the idea of weapons inaccessible to destruction by the enemy, including those launched from aircraft, has been known to the world since the middle of the last century. Another issue is that not all countries have made any progress on this issue.
Russia, according to Moscow, has created samples invulnerable to air defense and missile defense systems of other countries. However, the development of hypersonic weapons is the most active in the United States and China. And not all information about the results of this work for understandable reasons of secrecy is available to a wide audience. But some of the details can be found in the public domain.
In addition, when taking into account the enormous scientific, production, and financial potential of these countries, as well as their huge military budgets and focus on the latest weapons, it becomes obvious that panic moods in the U.S. can be also artificial, synthetic.
Behind such alarmist, publications are often the military lobby, interested in increasing state spending on defense. And this is really space money. However, this version does not disprove the fact that Russia and same China possess weapons, which in the form of nightmares dream to American generals.

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