For the firFor the first time in history: Two main shrines of Islam were closed in Mecca and Medinast time in history: two main shrines of Islam were closed in Mecca and Medina

For the first time in history: Two main shrines of Islam were closed in Mecca and Medina

Measure due to the outbreak of COVID-19 will operate until then, “while the coronavirus will not back down”.
Large (Protected) mosque in Mecca and the prophet’s Mosque in Medina are closed indefinitely due to the outbreak of coronavirus. About it, on March 20, said the official representative of the Main Department for Affairs of the two mosques Hani Ben H. Heidar, reports Al Arabiya.
“In order to prevent the spread of coronavirus faithful are forbidden to enter and pray at the site of the shrines, especially on Fridays for Muslims is the main prayer day − ed.)”, − he stressed.
The measure takes effect from 20 March and will operate until then, “while the virus will not back down”.

We will remind you, on March 2 in Saudi Arabia for the first time revealed infection with coronavirus.
From March 17, the Kingdom announced the termination of the mass prayers in all the mosques. The exception was made only for the two main Islamic shrines in Mecca and Medina. And they are closed now.
To date, the country has identified 274 cases COVID-19. In the framework of measures for combating coronavirus canceled all entertainment and sports events, summits and conferences. Since March 15, two weeks suspended international flights.
In late February, the government of Saudi Arabia has temporarily banned the entry of pilgrims who want to visit the Holy places in Mecca and Medina.
Mosques in Mecca and Medina along with al-Aqsa in Jerusalem are considered the main Holy shrines of the Muslims.

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The Grand Mosque in Mecca − al-Masjid al-Haram − simultaneously within its complex of over a million people. It is known since 1570, but the construction of the first mosque around the Kaaba date back to the year 638. Over the following centuries it was rebuilt several times, but even during renovations continued to operate.

The prophet’s mosque in Medina al-Masjid an-nabawi was laid during the life of Muhammad, later Islamic rulers expanded and decorated it.

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