Forbes: blockade of merchant fleet will help the West win war from Russia

By | August 30, 2020
Forbes: blockade of merchant fleet will help the West win war from Russia

The Russian Navy is gradually shrinking due to the aging of ships, and the merchant fleet is increasing in size at a rapid pace and this is becoming a problem for Moscow, writes the American magazine, Forbes.

A huge commercial fleet should be protected because its activities depend on the trade and security of the country. This is a vulnerable place of Moscow, which may be of some interest to the West in case of real conflict.

If necessary, the United States and its allies, which have a giant navy, can organize a blockade of Russian commercial shipping. This paralyzes export-import operations and will stop the Russian economy. After that, the West will inevitably win the war against Moscow or at least end it on favorable terms.

Retired U.S. Navy captain, political scientist Bradford Dismux believes that this possibility should not be neglected. He drew attention to the lack of Russian merchant ships attributed to a small number of ports and often have to overcome bottlenecks.

In his opinion, now the Russian Navy is experiencing a sharp shortage in the ships of the long-range maritime zone, so it will be difficult for Moscow to protect the commercial fleet. At the same time, the U.S. Navy and its allies have no shortage of ships and it should be used. He believed that the obvious advantage could not be ignored.

The West must clearly demonstrate to Russia that it can deprive it of access to international waters

Dismukes is sure.

However, the destruction of commercial vessels and their civilian crews may adversely affect the image of the West. Therefore, the political scientist advises using new weapons that will immobilize ships without harming ships and crews.