Forbes expert urged to urgently remove the dangerous application from smartphones

Forbes expert urged to urgently remove the dangerous application from smartphones

The American magazine Forbes recommended that all users of the Android operating system urgently uninstall a popular application that promises to protect user privacy and keep them safe.

As the expert Zack Doffman writes in the pages of the publication, this program actually works exactly the other way around. The application in question is SuperVPN, which can be downloaded from the official Play Store.

According to Doffman, the app has been downloaded more than 100 million times on Google Play. That said, it has previously been accused of hiding spyware. It has also received two security breach warnings in 2020.

SuperVPN is a collection of free and paid apps that threaten user security. Last year, the VPNpro website issued a warning stating that 105 million people may have had their credit card information, personal archive photos, and audio recordings of conversations stolen for sale.

It was later revealed that the app “allows hackers to intercept messages between the user and the ISP and even redirects users to a malicious hacker server.”

The article notes that a person has already appeared on the Internet who sells a database with the personal information of users of three VPN services. One of them is SuperVPN. The other two were GeckoVPN and ChatVPN. The attacker promises to provide access to users’ emails, serial numbers and smartphone brands. It is reported that he has at his disposal the data on the Russians as well.

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Experts recommend making sure your accounts are secure before using VPN services. In particular, they advise to make up a separate password for each account. This way it will be harder for intruders to gain access to the data in case of a leak.

Note that these revelations are unlikely to affect the growth in popularity of VPN services. It is due to the fact that VPN-clients seem to create a secure tunnel between their device and the Internet, directing all traffic through a VPN server to hide their location and online activity.

Such apps have become incredibly popular in recent years because of the increased focus on privacy and security. But as is always the case, every stick has two ends, so you should check any software before installing it on your phone.