Forbes named the most highly paid actresses of 2020.

Forbes named the most highly paid actresses of 2020.

Revenues, which were calculated by the business edition, the actresses received from May 2019 to May 2020.
Forbes has compiled a rating of the highest-paid actresses in the world, with ten participants. The corresponding list was published by the publication on Friday, October 2.

First place was taken by the Colombian-American actress and model Sofia Vergara, known from the series “The American Family” – her income amounted to $43 million. In addition to fees for filming, Vergara’s income included money received from advertising campaigns for the networks Walmart and Rooms To Go.

Angelina Jolie is in second place, earning $35.5 million this year. According to the publication, almost all the money she receives from work in the cinema. Almost a third of Jolie’s annual income falls on the fee for the film by Marvel movie “Eternal”, which is due in 2021. According to the portal “KinoPoisk”, Jolie received $10 million for this role.
Closes the three leaders’ star of films “Wonder Woman” and “Forsage” Gal Gadot with a salary of $31.5 million, of which she received $ 20 million for her role in the thriller “Red Notice”, which is scheduled for release next year.

The fourth place is occupied by the comedy star of the series and the host Melissa McCarthy with $25 million; the fifth place is occupied by Meryl Streep with an income of $24 million.
The 6th place is occupied by Emily Blunt ($22.5 million);
7th place – Nicole Kidman ($22 million);
8th place – Ellen Pompeo ($19 million);
9th place – Elizabeth Moss ($16 million);
10th place – Viola Davis ($ 15.5 million).

It is reported that all the actresses included in the rating, earned $ 254 million for the year, which is 20% less than last year, and almost half the amount that the highest-paid actors earned during the year.

Recall that the Spanish club “Barcelona” footballer Lionel Messi led the rating of the highest-paid players of the year according to Forbes magazine.

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