Ford's Christmas sweater projects a Christmas tree on the road

Ford’s Christmas sweater projects a Christmas tree on the road

Ford has designed a Christmas sweater for bicyclists that projects a 5-foot “safety zone” in the shape of herringbone on the road to remind them to maintain social distance and distance when overtaking. The sweater design is modeled after Rudolph the Reindeer, and its projectors are hidden in a giant red nose, antlers, and tail that stick out from the front and back of the outfit.

Unfortunately, the design is only a concept at this point, and Ford currently has no plans to bring it to the consumer market, at least not for the next month.

“As people start taking brightly colored Christmas sweaters out of their closets for the holiday season, we’ve created one that they will never want to take off.”
– said a Ford spokesman.

In fact, that’s the whole point. This Christmas sweater may look like any other holiday outfit, but the “safe distance” is a special gift for bicyclists and electric scooter drivers. The projection marks the recommended 5-foot “safe zone,” which the automakers say lets “other road users know if they have enough room to overtake.”

Ford explained that the risk associated with closely passing vehicles is a key problem all bicyclists face. And at this time of year, they added, “cyclists are also especially vulnerable because of extended periods of darkness.”

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