Foreign Ministry hopes that at the UNGA session there will be no problems with visas for diplomats

By | September 19, 2020
Foreign Ministry hopes that at the UNGA session there will be no problems with visas for diplomats

Moscow hopes that incidents of visa denial to Russian diplomats to participate in the 75th session of the UNGA will be avoided, said in an interview with TP the director of the Department of International Organizations of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Peter Ilyichev.
The U.S. did not issue visas to 18 diplomats from Russia during the last session of the UNGA, including members of the delegation of the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry and delegations participating in the First and Sixth Committees of the Organization, dealing with disarmament and legal issues, respectively.

“Big problem”. Sands about cases of denial of U.S. visas to diplomats from Russia
“It is true that the U.S. is increasingly abusing its position as the host country of the headquarters of the World Organization to extract unilateral political dividends and exert pressure on other governments. And the denial of entry visas to Russian diplomats, including for participation in activities of the UN, is a clear example of such a line, in addition, it is not the only one”, – said the diplomat.
Such steps are a flagrant violation of the agreement between the UN and the U.S. government on the location of the headquarters of the World Organization in 1947, said Ilyichev.
“The “visa arbitrariness” imposed by Washington has the most detrimental effect on the efficiency of the World Organization, which has been repeatedly stressed by the many Member States,” – he noted.

The Russian diplomat told how the U.S. delayed the issuance of his visa.
The UN is concerned about delays in issuing visas to representatives of Russia and other countries. Russian diplomat Vladimir Grachev shared his personal experience in this area on the air of radio Sputnik.
“At the same time, we expect that Washington will be more responsible for its obligations, and during the 75th session of the General Assembly such a scenario will be avoided. One way or another, our country will continue to fully oppose the illegal U.S. visa policy. We regularly highlight this issue, in particular in contacts with the U.S. side, with the UN Secretary-General and the General Assembly Committee on Relations with the host country”, – stressed Ilyichev.
The UNGA High-Level Week will be held from September 21 to 29. The jubilee 75th session of the GA opened on September 15.