Former British PM recalls meeting with Putin

Former British PM recalls meeting with Putin

Former British Prime Minister David Cameron spoke about his impressions of communication with Russian President Vladimir Putin in his September 19 memoir titled “Under the Record.” The politician told the BBC Russian Service about the contents of the memoirs.

Cameron calls the Russian leader an “old-school nationalist” because of how Putin, in his view, was acutely affected by the collapse of the Soviet Union and Russia’s loss of Ukraine. He said that in a private conversation Putin hinted to him that he “doesn’t believe too much in democracy.”

The former prime minister also recalls discussing with the Russian president a law passed in 2013 banning gay propaganda – he calls it “state-sanctioned homophobia.” According to Cameron, Putin does not care about the rights of homosexuals because of the shrinking population of Russia – wants to stimulate heterosexual marriage and childbearing.

Cameron also mentions a discussion with the Russian leader of the downed Boeing over Donbas in 2014. Then, according to him, he seemed to be talking to a brick wall: Putin coldly and calmly replied to him that “this has nothing to do with Russia”.

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It was announced in 2016 that Cameron was going to write a memoir. He has led the British government since 2010 and resigned as prime minister and leader of the Conservative Party after losing the referendum on EU membership on 23 June 2016. After that, Theresa May became prime minister.