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Former Miss Virginia

Former Miss Virginia “revived” after death by COVID-19

Former Miss Virginia, Barbara Guthrie Lay, 82, was pronounced dead on Christmas Eve after contracting the coronavirus, but later miraculously “came back to life,” according to the New York Post, citing local publications.
The woman, who won the title of Miss Virginia in 1958, was admitted to a Georgia hospital on Dec. 20 after contracting the coronavirus and having trouble breathing. She was pronounced dead two days after her hospitalization, the first to receive the sad news was her son Tom Kelly, who is himself a physician.

Kelly, in turn, broke the news of his mother’s passing to Barbara’s spouse, Tony Lay, after which the latter began “in tears” to contact other relatives. A few minutes later, however, Kelly received a call from the hospital to say that Barbara had a pulse again.

“I went from an unhappy person with a broken heart to a very happy person,” said the spouse of the “revived” woman.
“As a doctor, I have no hesitation in saying that there is only one word to describe what happened last week – a miracle,” Barbara’s son noted.
It is noted that the woman has already been moved from the ICU to a regular room, she herself is not yet aware of what happened. Her old friend from Virginia said he intended to show her the material printed in the local newspaper. According to him, Barbara always says she plans to live to be 101.

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