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The former Moldovan president stressed that the citizens are confused

The former Moldovan president stressed that the citizens are confused

Igor Dodon, leader of the Socialists and former president of Moldova, today, on February 9, in his telegram channel, criticized the activity of the new head of state, Maia Sandu, and her team during one and a half months in office. With Sandu, Dodon says, the country stopped in its development, so he and his supporters are ready to move to tougher actions and hope that people will support them.

According to the PSRM president, in a very short period, instead of the promised breakthrough in the fight against the pandemic and economic challenges, the republic has rolled back. Dodon stated that some countries have started to include RM in the pandemic “red zone”, fuel and food prices continue to rise, state employees and pensioners are worried about the ability of the country’s leadership to make monthly payments, while the president’s office is busy traveling abroad and campaigning, thinking only about early parliamentary elections.

“We socialists are ready to ensure that early parliamentary elections are organized, but until then we, together with the citizens, want to understand why the country suddenly stopped. We want to understand why Maia Sandu and the Action and Solidarity Party are playing dirty shameful political games, leading people by the nose,” writes Dodon.

He called it a “theater of the absurd” that Sandu’s candidate for prime minister, Action and Solidarity vice-president Natalia Gavrilitsa (Socialist government head Ion Kiku resigned December 31, 2020) would not support her colleagues from the PDS faction only to quickly dissolve the country’s legislature, not caring that the country would descend into chaos left without parliament and government.

“Is that all you are capable of – selfish and immature political games? Where is the real fight against corruption? Where are the “magic” solutions announced last year to fight Covid-19? Where is the promised support for farmers, doctors, and businesses? Where is the additional support for pensioners and socially unprotected groups of the population? Where are the “European” pay raises? Where are the new jobs for young people to return home from abroad? – Igor Dodon wondered.
Yet, instead of fulfilling social and economic promises, Maia Sandu promoted people from her entourage. He recalled that the majority of Sandu’s team were people of dubious past, involved in tax evasion, acts of damaging the state budget, and false documents.

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“Maia Sandu assembled a “team” of dubious characters who turned out to be hidden millionaires, holders of fake diplomas, with offshore companies, with hidden and undeclared property, with xenophobic “perfume” in their statements, with figures in criminal cases. On the other hand, another activity of the new president is to cleanse the professionals who for many years, in spite of political configurations, held public office and performed their duties with dignity,” Dodon noted.
The former Moldovan president stressed that the citizens are confused, do not see a clear perspective in the governance of the country, but observe how new problems are accumulated every day and the authorities do not respond to them.

“Today there is a situation in the country that requires immediate and courageous decisions. While the president sleeps, or goes abroad, or plays political games with “trumps up his sleeve” against the interests of his citizens, we, the other political forces, must act more firmly. We hope that citizens will fully support us,” Igor Dodon concluded.
As EADaily reported earlier, Party of Socialists MP Bogdan Ciardea made a statement that the administration of Moldovan President Maia Sandu is in fact run by former Prime Minister Vladimir Filat, who was previously convicted for corruption. According to the parliamentarian, all the advisers of the current head of state are representatives of the Liberal Democratic Party of Filat, who had previously promoted Sandu to big politics.

The fact that the current authorities in Moldova do not meet pan-European criteria was also stated in Brussels. On January 27, the Council of Europe Assembly (PACE) expressed concern about the proximity of parts of the judiciary to the political authorities, “which raises questions about the effectiveness of efforts to combat abuse of power and corruption.”

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