Former presidential chief reveals strangeness of Putin-Erdogan meeting

Vladimir Shevchenko, the former chief of the protocol of Gorbachev and Yeltsin, said that the organizers of the talks are trying to create a coziness environment when organizing summits. However, there are nuances and the dress code. For example, that the ladies were not dressed in the colors of the same scale, the parties agree on it in advance. But the fact that at the current meeting in Sochi at the presidents of Russia and Turkey journalists noticed almost identical costumes – this is nothing special. However, Shevchenko pointed out, it is possible to agree on this in advance – “just to enter into contact with the protocols corresponding and say: listen, Recep, what tie will be, what color?”

The presidents of Russia and Turkey met on October 22 at the residence of Bocharov Ruchay in Sochi. At 16.00 Moscow was to hold a press conference of the leaders after the talks. However, the meeting was clearly delayed. But in the media, while the politicians are negotiating, there was a photo of Vladimir Putin and Recep Erdogan chatting relaxedly, sitting on sofas in a small room.

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The picture, where the leaders in almost identical in color suits and ties, spread widely on the web. Former protocol chief Of Gorbachev and Yeltsin Vladimir Shevchenko in a commentary to Tsargrad debunked the strangeness of such similarity of the outfits of the two leaders.

According to him, it is difficult to comment here: a dark suit is a dark suit. With women in this regard more difficult – at meetings of this level in advance agree that the colors of the outfits do not match.

Women’s dresses can be different. And the dark suit is a dark suit. He puts it on, that’s all. The shirts matched. This has never happened to Boris Nikolaevich or Mikhail Sergeevich. If this appears, it is necessary to take note – not to be, as they say, from the pioneer camp. You can, for example, just get in touch with the protocolists who are relevant and say: listen, Recep, what tie will be, what color? That’s it, and that’s it,” he explained.

According to Shevchenko, the appeasement, which was noticed by many journalists, assessing the photos from the talks of politicians, and should be at the meeting, held not within the protocol rigid framework. That’s why it’s not surprising.

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“It is still a residence of rest and meetings with heads of state. That’s it. It’s not a working residence,” he said.

The former chief of protocol Gorbachev and Yeltsin also added that, of course, the atmosphere at the talks speaks volumes. However, to a greater extent, this is not achieved by the environment created by the organizers, but by the essence of the conversation.

“Of course, the atmosphere affects a lot. When you start to agree on something and when you are satisfied with something in the negotiation process. It is not created on purpose. The most important thing in this case for protocol players – creates an environment of comfort, so that it was normal to sit, communicate normally. That’s right, it’s always been done,” he said.

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