Formula 1. Insiders match Daniel Riccardo in McLaren

By | May 13, 2020
Formula 1. Insiders match Daniel Riccardo in McLaren

After it became known that the Italian formula team Ferrari was ready to invite the Spaniard Carlos Sainz, a Spaniard Carlos Sainz, to the place of the German pilot Sebastian Vettel, insiders began urgently distributing other applicants for a place in Scuderia to the “stables”. Australian Dani.el Riccardo identified McLaren.

As already reported by, Vettel’s place in the team of “stallions from Maranello” was claimed by Sainz Jr., Riccardo, and Italian Antonio Giovinazzi. On the eve, a message came that the German would definitely not ride a red Ferrari next year, and the news arrived in time that Sainz would most likely take his place.

And insiders said that Riccardo, whose contract with Renault expires at the end of this year, after Scuderia’s refusal, is likely to move to McLaren, to Sainz’s place. “Riccardo? Looks like he has already signed a contract with McLaren,” said, in particular, the famous auto observer Leo Turrini on the Italian Radio24.

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