Found a way to fight a particularly dangerous cancer

Three times negative breast cancer does not respond to hormonal and chemotherapy, and can also recur.
Scientists have discovered a way to defuse one of the most dangerous cancers – three times negative breast cancer. This is reported in the press release of MedicalXpress.

This type of cancer is one of the most aggressive, it does not respond to hormone therapy and chemotherapy and often returns.

Using CRISPR genetic editing technology, scientists were able to neutralize cancer cells. They were able to block the activity of RUNX2 and CBF-beta proteins.

Removing one of the proteins stops the spread of cancer, with a stronger effect when blocking CBF-beta. It is also noted that if proteins are activated, cancer continues to spread.

Experts will continue to study this fact, as target proteins are in healthy tissues. Scientists need to create a drug that affects only proteins in malignant cells.

The day before it was reported that doctors found a link between testosterone levels and cancer. The Correspondent also wrote that a protective mechanism against cancer was found in the human body.

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